Saturday, December 7, 2013

Don't Forget to Try Our 

Infrared Sauna!

With the chilly days ahead, be sure you try our Sauna before your massage.  The sauna warms your muscles and allows your therapist to work deeper resulting in a more relaxing and therapeutic experience!You can also use the sauna with out a massage.Check our rates under "Services and Pricing". 

Prices are Changing in 2014

Beginning February 1, 2014 you will see a slight change in our pricing.  All of our services pricing will increase by about 5%.  This is due to tax increases in Miami county and a rent increase at our facility.  We have not had an increase in prices since we opened in 2008.  The increase will be for services only.  Product pricing will remain as is.  I have adjusted the pricing on this web page to reflect the new pricing.  We will also be discontinuing the $40.00 introductory pricing of our 50 minute massage.  As you visit our office, you can speak with your therapist about individual packages or discounted pricing, they each offer specials throughout the year.  Please don't hesitate to stop in or call the office at 937-524-1017.
Thanks and have a great holiday!  
Stay safe and healthy,
Kathy Siegfried, LMT

Hello and Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!  It's that time of year again to remember old friends and new.  Play in the snow and shop 'til you drop.  Whatever you enjoy this time of year, do it and be happy!  Let's not forget the reason for the season either.  If you have elderly neighbors or may know of some lonely souls please remember them this winter.  God Bless and stay safe.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Celebrating 5 years in Tipp City, OHIO

Good morning!  I am enjoying another rainy day in July with temperatures in the 70's!!  Not too bad for a summer in Ohio!  Gardens are growing nicely and harvest is great.
I am thrilled to be celebrating our fifth year in Tipp City, Ohio.  I just realized, last week, that it has been five years.
We have been so very busy working and growing.
 I started out in May of 2008 with my friend and fellow therapist, Alice Laybourn, LMT of Springfield.  We worked together for over a year.  Alice left to pursue her financial career and Pam Paulus, LMT stepped in.  Pam was with me for awhile.  She too left, to pursue a career in vision therapy.  Happy to say she and Alice are doing very well with their careers.  I was alone for nearly a year, then along came Jennifer Myers, LMT, fresh out of massage school.  Jennifer has been with me for over two years now and is doing quite well.  Jennifer was a great help when we moved to our location at 5850 South County Rd 25A.
We moved there last year to accommodate the addition of our infrared sauna and two additional therapists.
Katie Phillips, LMT and Chad Rhinesmith, LMT.  We have added several modalities to our Massage Therapy repertoire.  We are also bringing in an additional therapist, Roberta Walters, LMT and soon hope to have a Certified Personal Trainer on staff.
With continuing education we are looking forward to adding energy work, aromatherapy and reflexology
to our services as well as some spa services.  Stay tuned for further updates.
Have a great Summer and stay hydrated and happy!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New 50 minute massage

Tipp City Medical Massage is now offering a 50 minute massage for $45.00 plus taxes.

Each additional minute is $1.00

$5.00 - $10.00 additional fee may apply at clients request of application of hot or cold towels, stones, aromatherapy, biofreeze or traumeel....

Infrared Sauna is Here

Now that we have our Infrared Sauna up and running, stop in and check it out.
After using it myself a few times I can honestly say it is wonderful.  Usually, for me,
the last ten minutes of each session are heavenly.  That's when I really start to sweat
and feel really good, deep inside good!!  Just give us a call and schedule a session
for yourself.  We have robes, wraps and towels already in the office so you don't need
to bring anything with you.  The comment I hear most, "I like the me time the sauna
gives me, no interuptions, just quiet time for myself."   So give it a today

Monday, July 2, 2012

We've Moved!

Due to the growth of our business, we have relocated to a    
 larger space.  Our new address is                                           
5850 S. County Rd. 25A in Tipp City.  That is just one mile  
south of our old location!  Stop in to our new office and take
advantage of our  July Special:                                                
  3 - 60 minute Massage Therapy Sessions for $120.00          
Meet our Therapists Kathy, Jenn and Katie and check out     
our new Infrared Sauna.  The Sauna will be a great addition
to your massage therapy sessions.  We hope to have the sauna
up and running by August.  We look forward to seeing you soon!