Monday, July 19, 2010

Thanks and Let's chat

Okay, here we go! First I want to thank my super client, Kyle, for setting this up for me!! Thank You Kyle!! This would not be possible without your kindness. Second I want to let you all know I am very computer illiterate so please bear with me.

I will try to post something every week. This week I would like to touch on the subject of" chatting during your massage therapy session." I have quite a few clients who like to talk during their session. That is perfectly fine!! One client said he prefers to talk because he fears he may fall asleep during the session and will miss the experience. Another says she likes to talk about stuff that bothers her because it's therapeutic to get stuff off her chest and I'm not judgmental. So for all you out there that feel talking is weird during a massage I just want to let you know, either way, it is your dollar and your time, talk or not, your therapist should follow your lead.

If anyone has a question about massage therapy please don't hesitate to ask!!

Well that is all for now. Let me know if you have any topics for discussion at

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  1. Kathy: You are very welcome. Glad you like it! :-)