Services and Pricing

New Pricing

This new pricing begins on February 1, 2014.
For more information on pricing, packages and specials, please call the office at 937-524-1017.

All services include sales tax. Save 7% on *services with a prescription from your physician. Ask your therapist for details.

To avoid a cancellation service fee, please give 24 hour notice when canceling any scheduled appointment.

* Therapeutic 
Relieve stress and tension after a tough week, with a rejuvenating therapeutic massage, at a great price.
50 minute $48

*Deep Tissue or Relaxation
Each session will be customized to the client's needs. Ranging from pure relaxation to specific deep tissue release.
60 minute $67
30 minute $34

*Injury Rehabilitation
After a serious injury, massage can help the affected tissues heal and release trauma. Your therapist, in conjunction with other medical professionals, will customize a treatment plan to best promote your healing.
60 minute $67
30 minute $34

*Geriatric Massage
Sessions can benefit those suffering with arthritis, stroke, Parkinson's disease, etc. This massage is gentle, increases range of motion, circulation, lymph flow, aids in joint mobility, balance, and enhances the quality of life in the "golden years."
30 minute $27

*Pregnancy Massage
Massage will help calm the system, relieve pain and discomfort, promoting a healthy environment for the baby to develop.
60 minute $67

*Muscle Release Technique
A technique used for repetitive use strains and injuries. Pressure is applied to the muscle while putting that muscle through a stretch. Client participates in this rehabilitative session with proper breathing and will receive instruction for at home stretching for continued results.
60 minute $67

*Aromatherapy Massage
Blending Essential Oils into a customized massage can aid in relieving PMS, insomnia, and headaches. It can increase energy, cleanse sinuses, and relax the mind and body.
60 minute $78

*Chair Massage
A great "pick-me-up" at lunchtime or on your way home from work. Can be a specific focus or general stress relief. Call ahead to reserve your time.
$1 per minute

*Sports Massage
Using a combination of stretching, Trigger point therapy, and soft tissue release, sports massage can enhance athletic performance, speed recovery, and aid in injury prevention.
50 minute $67

*Thermal Palms Massage
A soft alternative to "Hot Stone Massage", Thermal Palms provides deep heat allowing relaxation and pain relief.  Thermal Palms has healing benefits for many conditions by increasing lymph and blood flow and reducing ischemia.
60 minute $85

Far Infrared Sauna
Sauna sessions must be scheduled and may require a physician's prescription.
15/30 minutes with  Massage session $10.00
30 minute session $ 25.00
5-30  minute sessions $ 100.00
10-30 minute sessions $150.00

Gift certificates and packages available for all services. (Non-refundable).

Kathy Siegfried, LMT
Massage Therapist / Owner